Seeds Classroom

In this “advanced” class for 2.5 year olds, children prepare to transition to the next level by working on developing their tracing skills, participating in circle time, taking turns, respecting class rules and each other. 

For our advanced young learners: ages 30-35 months old.
Teacher to Student ratio is 1:6.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Learning Skills & Numeracy

Young children enjoy making marks, looking at picture books, and listening to stories, which are important steps in literacy.


Cognitive & Physical Development

Teachers monitor development per the CDC Developmental Milestones and help foster age-appropriate skill-building.


Social/Emotional Connection

Children learn taking turns and build confidence through developing social skills and structured activities.


Language & Speech Development

Children are immersed in Arabic and English instruction using engaging, hands-on activities.


Expressive Art and Design

Engaging Arts & Crafts projects encourage creative expression and exploration.


Understanding the World

We believe children learn best using a hands-on approach and always try to connect lessons with the world around us.


Create your own schedule...

Full Time: 5 days/week

For optimal learning and academic preparation, the full time schedule is recommended. From 9am - 4pm.  Early care (7-9am) and Extended care (4-7pm) are available, if needed.

Part time:  4 days/week 

Our midway package offers more learning time than the half day program, but is not quite a full-time schedule. Select 4 days/week to attend from 9am to 4pm.

Our Program Offers...

Language Immersion

Kids listen to instructions in Arabic & English, learning the alphabet, vocabulary, and common expressions. We structure dramatic play, games, arts & crafts, gymnastics, and sport activities.

Hands-on Approach

Children learn better by doing, and by doing things with others to guide them, rather than just being told. We are very hands-on and use differential learning approaches to target all learning styles.

Islamic Studies

At COTW we aim to develop Islamic awareness, manners, and culture among students, encouraging them to be committed to Islamic values and the ethics of the Prophet Mohammed, PBUH.

"Seek Knowledge From The Cradle To The Grave."

Prophet Mohammed PBUH

Why Choose Us?


Established for Over 10 Years

Years of glowing customer testimonials attest that our program is a well-established success.


Over 5,250 Graduates

COTW has successfully prepared thousands of children for the next steps in their academic career.


Convenient Location

Our location near the intersection of Rt. 28 and 50 is easily accessible and close to shopping, restaurants, and a wealth of after school extra-curricular activities.


Teacher/Student Ratio

Our goal is as much individualized attention as possible. For this, we choose quality over quantity and keep our classrooms small.

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Seeds Program Schedule







Our Teachers & Staff

The Heart of our school

Our teachers are experienced, love working with children, knowledgeable about their subject area, and undergo a thorough background investigation to ensure your child is in great hands! 

Hakima Elamiri

Hakima Elamiri

Founder & Program Director

More About Ms. Hakima

Ms. Hakima has an MBA, a B.A. in Business Administration, and an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is certified in: Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHA Diagnosis & Treatment, Developing Healthy Habits in Young Children, Infant & Toddler Development, and Ages & Stages of Development for Infants & Toddlers. Currently, she is working towards her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction and expects to finish in 2021.

Durya mohammed

Durya mohammed


More About Ms. Durya

Durya mohammed: Ms. Durya is from Sudan and maintains organization in the school by assisting with mealtimes, diaper change, and cleaning. Ms. Durya is very passionate about children and does whatever she can to attend to everyone’s need.

Bouchra Elamiri

Bouchra Elamiri

Assistant Teacher: Birds Classroom

More about Ms. Bouchra

Ms. Bouchra joins us from Morocco. She has an Associate's Degree in French Literature.  

Sana Mirza

Sana Mirza

Lead Teacher: Flowers

More About Ms. Sana

Ms. Sana is the lead teacher for the Flowers class. Ms. Sana is very inventive and constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that the students make the most of their learning experience. Ms. Sana has been a lead teacher for 2 years and has a diverse work experience. Ms. Sana is very flexible and can adapt to any environment.

Hayat Belattaria

Hayat Belattaria

Lead Teacher (Arabic): Blossoms & Flowers

More About Ms. Hayat

Ms. Hayat is from Morocco and teaches Arabic to our 4 and 5 year olds. She has a B.A. degree in Arabic and taught for 10 years before joining us. 

Yassmin  Talaat

Yassmin Talaat

More About Ms. Yassmin
Nada Shahin

Nada Shahin

K12 teacher

More About Ms. Nada

Ms. Nada is originally from Egypt and will be teaching our K-12 class. Ms. Nada grad­uated from Ain Shams University with a Bachelor's degree in English. She is also bilingual and speaks fluently in English and Arabic. Ms. Nada is also very successful in the athletic department. Ms. Nada played for Egypt's National Fencing Team and won bronze in the African Championship at Cape Town in 2013. Ms. Nada is very open minded and flexible.

Nalan Scolaro

Nalan Scolaro

Assistant teacher: Birds

More About Ms. Nalan

Ms. Nalan is an Assistant teacher for the Birds and Sprouts classroom. She is from Macedonia. Along with English, she speaks Turkish, Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, and Bulgarian. She loves children and feels great responsibility towards them, ensuring an environment of discipline.

Naima Krikba

Naima Krikba

Assistant teacher

More About Ms. Naima

Ms. Naima is from Morocco. Her education is in Biology. She has been a teacher with us for one year. Naima worked as an Assistant teacher in Taqwa Center. She has been in the US for a ten years. She speaks fluent English, Arabic and French.

Nada Ashraf Mostafa

Nada Ashraf Mostafa

Pe teacher

More About Ms. Nada

Ms. Nada is out Physical Education (PE) teacher. She is an Assistant Fencing Coach in Elite Fencing Academy. She is a former member of Egyptian National Fencing Team (2011-2015) and Modern Pentathlon Egyptian International Team (2006-2011). She worked as a PE teacher in Georgia, Atlanta. She was a bronze medal winner in Fencing in 2013 African Championship at Cape Town and a bronze medal winner in 2007 Youth Modern Pentathlon World Championship in South Africa. She believes that ensuring physical education curriculum promotes a physically active lifestyle. She evaluate children's physical ability by informal testing.



Assistant teacher

More About Ms. Sayeda
Ms Sayeda is an assistant teacher to the sprout class she is a responsible caregiver that provides companionship, teaches basic skills, and takes disciplinary actions when needed. Coming from Egypt Ms Sayeda has 3 years of experience as a nanny and owns a business back home.


What Parents are Saying

I am so glad that I was referred to COTW by a good friend. My 4 year old has been attending the school for over a year now and she absolutely love it. They follow a well organized schedule and have lots of developmentally appropriate activities for toddlers. The teachers are very caring and well-trained and everyone here treats the kids and parents like a family. Miss Hakima is a very caring and loving lady and is very attentive and accommodating to each child under her care. Overall, I'm very pleased with the service and my daughter is learning quickly and is excited to go everyday!!!

Our oldest daughter has been attending the preschool program here for almost a year, and we absolutely love it. It was a bit of a transition from the Montessori curriculum, but the teachers were super patient and facilitated her adjustment to learning the alphabet and other basics to prep her for kindergarten. The student body and teachers are diverse and from a lot of different countries which is great and gives kids exposure to a dynamic group of friends. They do a great job of mixing classroom instruction with outdoor time, withperiodic field trips. Our daughter is always excited to come home and tell us the latest song or rhyme that she learned. They do Arabic in the mornings, and even my Arabic is getting better from practicing the vocabulary and other lessons with her. All the parents we have met so far are very nice ( which was important to us) as it shows by the children at the school- all very sweet and kind with good manners, and serves as a good and serves as a good example for her which was one of my main concerns were keeping her in a private preschool program, since they pick up so much from their peers at this age. We started here in the summertime so I thought this was an appropriate time to add a review because they have great programs during the summer months including weekly field trips… Highly recommend it! Particularly compared to other schools in the area, (and we have attended others including the Boyd school and Fairfax Montessori) they are on par with making sure your child is in a safe loving and fun environment while you are at work, and doing a great job of balancing playtime and learning.

My husband and I love this school! We are so happy with how much our daughters are learning. Such a great staff and a lovely environment. I highly recommend!

HOME AWAY FROM HOME! My 2 kids joined COTW almost 3 years ago and we absolutely love it. COTW has exceeded our expectations in every way. The staff is personable and caring and the teachers are amazing! I have seen the difference in how an experienced staff can implement the curriculum in a fun, yet meaningful and focused manner. I have total confidence that while they are there they are learning how to be a well-rounded child, both socially and academically, and a good child of the world. If you are looking for a school that will offer your child individual attention, small classes and a broad range of learning opportunities look no further-- you''ve found it!

My son has been going to the COTW for quite some time. He wasn’t good at speaking at the beginning but he has learned a lot. The teachers are very helpful and willing to work with the children on 1 to 1 to help them catch up with other students. The owner Ms. Hakima is also a wonderful and understanding person who will always be available to meet and help if you have any concerns. I also registered my daughter who doesn’t read or write in Arabic and speaks it poorly during the summer of this year and I see that she is progressing in Arabic.

Excellent place- am so thankful that i found Children of the World School, i had visit different schools and daycares, but as soon as we walked in, we felt welcome. Most of the schools your child have to be fully potty train, And i was having the hardest time with that, but they are helping me train my son, which is hard to find in a school that are willing to do that. They are very affordable, cleaned, helpful, caring and Super with the kids. Highly recommend to visit the school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Islamic studies mandatory?
No. We have non-Muslim families who attend who enjoy all of the benefits of language immersion, socialization, and academia without the religious component.
What is the feeding & napping schedule?
Children under 4 years old have naps right after lunch. The Birds eat at 11:45 and nap at 12:05, the Sprouts eat at 12:15 and nap at 12:35. The Blossoms and Flowers eat at 12:45 and have "quiet time" at 1:05. K-12 students eat at 1:15pm.
How are meals and snacks handled?
Parents may bring lunch and snacks (am & pm) from home or may elect to use our meal plan, which is $7.50/day and includes lunch and two snacks.
How can I stay informed?
COTW regularly sends pictures to the parents of all the students engaging in their class and recess activities. We also distribute a biweekly newsletter and encourage parents to be involved and collaborate with us. Follow us on Facebook, and subscribe to our WhatsApp groups.

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Location: 4451 Brookfield Corporate Dr.,
Suite# 201, Chantilly, VA 20151

Telephone: (703) 956-6266 or (703) 283-9553

Email: [email protected]

School Hours:
M-F: 7am - 7pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

All children are welcome at Children of the World. Our Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, sex, color, creed, or national origin.