Blossoms Classroom

Our comprehensive preschool program expands your child’s skill development and lays the foundation for a smooth transition to kindergarten. 
Age: 4 year olds
Teacher to Student Ratio is 1:10


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Learning Skills & Numeracy

Focus on tracing and handwriting, picture books, phonics and listening to stories, all important steps in literacy.


Cognitive & Physical Development

Teachers monitor development per the CDC Developmental Milestones and help foster age-appropriate skill-building.


Social/Emotional Connection

Children learn teamwork and build confidence through developing social skills and structured activities.


Language & Speech Development

Children are immersed in Arabic and English instruction using the Total Physical Response (TPR) method.


Expressive Art and Design

Engaging Arts & Crafts projects encourage creative expression and exploration.


Understanding the World

We believe children learn best using a hands-on approach and always try to connect lessons with the world around us.


Create your own schedule...

Full Time: 5 days/week

For optimal learning and academic preparation, the full time schedule is recommended. From 9am - 4pm.  Early care (7-9am) and Extended care (4-7pm) are available, if needed.

Part time: 3 or 4 days/week 

Our midway package offers more learning time than the half day program, but is not quite a full-time schedule. Select 3 to 4 days/week to attend from 9am to 4pm.

Half Day Program 

If you are looking to slowly enter into a school setting, this is the program for you. Choose between Mornings (9am to 12:30pm) or Afternoons (1:30pm to 4:30pm) for 3 to 5 days/week.

Our Program Offers…

Language Immersion

Kids listen to instructions in Arabic & English, learning the alphabet, vocabulary, and common expressions. We structure dramatic play, games, arts & crafts, gymnastics, and sport activities.

Hands-on Approach

Children learn better by doing, and by doing things with others to guide them, rather than just being told. We are very hands-on and use differential learning approaches to target all learning styles.

Islamic Studies

At COTW we aim to develop Islamic awareness, manners, and culture among students, encouraging them to be committed to Islamic values and the ethics of the Prophet Mohammed, PBUH.

“Seek Knowledge From The Cradle To The Grave.”

Prophet Mohammed PBUH

Why Choose Us?


Established for Over 10 Years

Years of glowing customer testimonials attest that our program is a well-established success.


Over 5,250 Graduates

COTW has successfully prepared thousands of children for the next steps in their academic career.


Convenient Location

Our location near the intersection of Rt. 28 and 50 is easily accessible and close to shopping, restaurants, and a wealth of after school extra-curricular activities.


Teacher/Student Ratio

Our goal is as much individualized attention as possible. For this, we choose quality over quantity and keep our classrooms small.

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Blossoms Program Schedule







Our Teachers & Staff

The Heart of our school

Our teachers are experienced, love working with children, knowledgeable about their subject area, and undergo a thorough background investigation to ensure your child is in great hands! 

Hakima Elamiri

Hakima Elamiri

Founder & Program Director

More About Ms. Hakima

Ms. Hakima has an MBA, a B.A. in Business Administration, and an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is certified in: Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHA Diagnosis & Treatment, Developing Healthy Habits in Young Children, Infant & Toddler Development, and Ages & Stages of Development for Infants & Toddlers. Currently, she is working towards her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction and expects to finish in 2021.

Farah Suleiman Alany

Farah Suleiman Alany

Substitute Teacher

More About Ms. Farah

Ms. Farah has a B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education and received specialized training in Phonics Instruction, the KWL Technique, Visual Tools for Teaching Young Children, and Children & Technology. She has organized a number of special learning events  re Adapting Teaching for Children with Special Needs. She has received numerous teaching awards, including Teacher of the Year 2009 and 2010, and Best Teacher for Achieving Curriculum Goals.  

Khadija Touloub

Khadija Touloub

Assistant Teacher: Birds

More About Ms. Khadija

Ms. Khadija is a creative, fun, and dedicated teacher. She came to us from Morocco and is fluent in Arabic, French, and English. She has a B.A. degree and worked as a teacher's assistant for several years. She focuses on the strengths and developmental opportunities of each of her students, working to meet the unique learning needs of all her pupils.

Mehtap Erol

Mehtap Erol

Lead Teacher: Birds

More About Ms. Mehtap

Ms. Mehtap  is from Turkey and speaks Turkish English, and basic German. She always comes up with fun and innovative ideas for projects in our 2.5 year old class and implements them with great patience and skill. Previously she worked as a teacher in the German Embassy of Turkey. She has two certificates in Early Childhood Education and a Social Services Certificate working with youth. She brings a wealth of experience to our center working with children in different capacities.

Nadia Khettab

Nadia Khettab

Assistant Teacher: Sprouts

More About Ms. Nadia

Ms. Nadia is from Morocco and teaches our two year olds. She loves working with children! She has many years of experience in early childhood development and teaching, and speaks three languages: English, Arabic, and French. She studied Biology in college and has an additional  certification in nurse assistant. She enjoys preparing students for their academic career and watching them learn and grow.

Soukina Ounejma

Soukina Ounejma

Operations Manager

More About Ms. Soukina

Soukina oversees our school operations and various programs at COTW. She has extensive experience with customer service and a certificate in Accounting. She previously worked as in the public school system. She is from Morocco and speaks fluent Arabic, French, and English.

Dalia Khairi

Dalia Khairi


More About Ms. Dalia

Ms. Dalia is originally from Sudan and keeps everyone organized by assisting with mealtimes, cleanup, and diaper duty.

Deeqa Ayanle

Deeqa Ayanle


More About Ms. Deeqa

Ms. Deeqa is originally from Somalia and keeps everyone organized by assisting with mealtimes, cleanup, and diaper duty.

Ibtissam Lfarh

Ibtissam Lfarh

Lead Teacher: K-12

More About Ms. Ibtissam

Ms. Ibtissam teaches our K-12 students. She holds a B.A. in English Literature and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Education. She has been teaching for five years. She previously worked as an English/Arabic Interpreter and an Arabic tutor. She is originally from Morocco and speaks fluent English, French and Arabic.

Karima Hamdani

Karima Hamdani

Lead Teacher: Sprouts Classroom

More About Ms. Karima

Ms. Karima teaches our 3 year olds. She has been teaching for four years years and is currently working on her Masters Degree. She has an Associates Degree in Childhood Development and a B.A. in Translation. 

Hayat Belattaria

Hayat Belattaria

Lead Teacher (Arabic): Blossoms & Flowers

More About Ms. Hayat

Ms. Hayat is from Morocco and teaches Arabic to our 4 and 5 year olds. She has a B.A. degree in Arabic and taught for 10 years before joining us. 

Reem Elsaftawy

Reem Elsaftawy

Lead Teacher (English): Blossoms & Flowers

More About Ms. Reem

Ms. Reem teaches our 4 and 5 year olds and is originally from Egypt. She has a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Phonetics & Linguistics. She previously worked as an Instructor and Translator. 

Tasbita Reham

Tasbita Reham

Lead Teacher: K-12 Classroom

More about Ms. Tasbita

Ms. Tasbita is from Bangladash and has M.S. and B.A. Degrees in Economics. She has taught at the University level as well as second grade. She speaks English, Bangla, and Hindi fluently. 

Bouchra Elamiri

Bouchra Elamiri

Assistant Teacher: Birds Classroom

More about Ms. Bouchra

Ms. Bouchra joins us from Morocco. She has an Associate's Degree in French Literature.  

Sara Sadaoui

Sara Sadaoui


More About Ms. Sara

Ms. Sara is from Morocco and keeps everyone organized by assisting with mealtimes, cleanup, and diaper duty. 



What Parents are Saying

School owner loves her job, it is not about money it is about kids future which is really important to me as a parent. She knows every single kid in her school and what they need to work on in order to succeed. Definitely hiring the right people to help with her mission is another PLUS. Wishing all the team lot of success. I will not hesitate to recommend the school to other parents. My kid is in k-12, Ms. Hakima is her COTW coach.
fadoua Boualem
14:35 03 Jul 18
This school is the best . We know the school since it’s opening. Our youngest daughter went here for preK and other older daughters went for Sunday program. All we can say they are awesome , kind, and flexible. They teach Islamic , Arabic and English. My kids love this school so I am. Thank you COTW.
Abo Najd
13:58 02 Jul 18
My 3 nephews and niece have been attending this school for years now. They learn new things everyday. I sometimes go over some things with them and they amaze me at what they are learning. I attended each of their preK graduation. It was amazing. I have a 4 month old and a toddler that I can not wait to enroll. Great job.
Sara Mezi
00:33 29 Jun 18
I give the COTW a five star I love the peace of mind when I drop off my 3.5 yo daughter every morning. I know my little girl is in good hands. From the owner Ms.Hakima to the Teachers who are extremely dedicated, caring and very kind. The staff is very approachable and very kind as well. They are my second family. I see a lot of progress that my 3.5 yo has made over the last 8 months both socially and academically.
khalida harrif
23:01 11 Jun 18
I love the peace of mind every morning dropping my girls off that they are in the best school. Teachers are very dedicated and caring, the curriculum is top notch, and Ms. Hakima's style of education brings out the best in kids, allowing them to reach their full potential and even beyond. I'm amazed how much progress my kids have made both socially and academically over the last year. The facilities are warm and welcoming, and there is a perfect equilibrium between learning and fun activities to keep the students captivated and motivated. There is a nice community feeling between parents and the staff are approachable and personable. My girls have made many new amazing friends here, and so have I, as well.
L Raya
02:13 09 May 18


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Islamic studies mandatory?
No. We have non-Muslim families who attend who enjoy all of the benefits of language immersion, socialization, and academia without the religious component.
What is the feeding & napping schedule?
Children under 4 years old have naps right after lunch. The Birds eat at 11:45 and nap at 12:05, the Sprouts eat at 12:15 and nap at 12:35. The Blossoms and Flowers eat at 12:45 and have "quiet time" at 1:05. K-12 students eat at 1:15pm.
How are meals and snacks handled?
Parents may bring lunch and snacks (am & pm) from home or may elect to use our meal plan, which is $7.50/day and includes lunch and two snacks.
How can I stay informed?
COTW regularly sends pictures to the parents of all the students engaging in their class and recess activities. We also distribute a biweekly newsletter and encourage parents to be involved and collaborate with us. Follow us on Facebook, and subscribe to our WhatsApp groups.

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Classes are filling up fast - don't miss out. 

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Location: 4451 Brookfield Corporate Dr.,
Suite# 201, Chantilly, VA 20151

Telephone: (703) 956-6266 or (703) 283-9553


School Hours:
M-F: 7am - 7pm
Sun: 10am - 3pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

All children are welcome at Children of the World. Our Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, sex, color, creed, or national origin.