Our History

Who We Are

In 2008, Hakima Elamiri had a vision of an international bilingual school where children could learn Islamic religious values and American citizenship. Today, she has realized her vision by having created a vibrant learning center with children and teachers representing 31 countries. Ms. Hakima is widely recognized for her great devotion to children and her infinite patience and wisdom. She is a hands-on director who knows the personality, temperament, strengths, weaknesses and family background of every child in the school. COTW is fruition of Ms. Hakima’s love of children and her commitment to their education, development, and successful preparation for the future.

Arabic/English Immersion

The Benefits of a Bilingual Education

Children of the World offers Arabic language classes by native speakers in addition to our standard academic curriculum. Did you know that Arabic is the official (or co-official) language in 22 countries? Or that it’s the 5th most spoken language in the world, used by over 250 million people?  When you place your child into our care, you allow them to receive all of the benefits of an early bilingual program. Research has demonstrated that bilingual children experience a number of advantages throughout their lives:


Bilingual Children have a better ability to focus and ignore distractions in the environment (Bialystokl, Martin, 2004)


The advantages of being bilingual carry over throughout your life. Bilingualism alters brain chemistry which has been linked to staving off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. (Jha, 2011)



Bilingual children display stronger logic skills and are better equipped than monolinguals at solving certain mental puzzles (Bhattacharjee, 2012)


Bilinguals have increased mental flexibility and creativity. (Hakuta, 1985)



Bilingual children in dual-immersion schools have been shown to score higher on both verbal and math standardized tests conducted in English (Pearson, 2009)



Once a child knows two languages, he or she will find it easier to learn a third language. (Abu-Rabia, Sanitsky, 2011)
Our School

Facilities and Organizations

COTW is a comprehensive learning center with a beautiful and meticulously cultivated campus ready to meet all of your child's needs. We have bright and spacious classrooms, a computer lab, an indoor gym and an outdoor playground, all paired with dedicated, experienced teachers using modern technology ready for our 21st century learners!

Parent/Teacher Organization

We encourage collaboration between families and the school and have a dedicated PTO to facilitate the flow of ideas and exchange of information. COTW welcomes parents wishing to serve as volunteers. 

School Meals
COTW offers a catered lunch menu which changes monthly. Upon request, we can serve breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  حلال.
Academic Standards
Young children learn about the world through play. Subjects aren't separate in their mind, nor in the classroom. Teachers may introduce children to basic concepts such as shapes, letters, and colors, but preschool is about learning much more. It’s where children first develop a relationship with learning.
Field Trips
Field trips enrich and expand the curriculum, strengthen observation skills by immersing children into sensory activities, increase children's knowledge in a particular subject area and expand children's awareness of their own community. COTW plans many field trips throughout the year to connect our classroom lessons to the world around us.
Technology In the Classroom

COTW has an on-site computer lab to ensure children become familiar with computing and the internet. We integrate Ipads into all of our classes to facilitate learning and  update parents on children's progress.



What Parents are Saying

Best learning center in town. Keep going Ms Hakima and Mr Khaled masha’allah

Nada M. Alaa

Excellent learning center. My two kids are attending this school since 2013 and they love this place

Mansour Abdulaziz

The best place to teach your kids the Koran & Arabic!!

Nisrine Kzaz

Beyond amazing! The teachers are loving, warm and attentive to each child there. Facility is big and clean. I would highly recommend COTW

Hend Alhinnawi

My 3 children attend the school. Mashallah they have been learning so much. It's a safe and nurturing environment.

Cece Mezimeche

The best place to learn Islamic Academy with a loving caring stuff

Hayat Benjelloun

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Location: 4451 Brookfield Corporate Dr.,
Suite# 201, Chantilly, VA 20151

Telephone: (703) 956-6266 or (703) 283-9553

Email: [email protected]

School Hours:
M-F: 7am - 7pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

All children are welcome at Children of the World. Our Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, sex, color, creed, or national origin.