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Frequently Asked Questions

COTW offers full-time and part-time programs Monday through Friday, year round. We also offer classes in Arabic, Quran and Nouraniya for school-aged children on Sundays and weekday afternoons from September to May. We would love to show you around our beautiful school and discuss all of the great things COTW offers. Please call us today to schedule a tour!

Open Door Policy
We maintain an open-door policy for parents during child care hours. This means that parents are always welcome to call or drop-in to see their children. If you call during the day, please be aware that we may be preoccupied with caring for children and may not be able to immediately answer the phone. If so, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.
Class Placement
We perform an evaluation of every child entering our care and will place him or her according to skill level.
Bully-Free Environment
COTW is committed to providing an environment for children that is safe, welcoming, and free from bullying. Bullying behavior will not be tolerated or excused under any circumstances.
What to bring on the first day of school?

Please bring two changes of clothes to remain in our center, a lunch box, a plastic drink container with a flip top to prevent spills, re-sealable gallon size plastic bags for taking home craft projects, school supplies (list varies according to program level and will be provided at the time of enrollment).

How can I monitor my child's progress?
We regularly send out pictures and videos of the children on our internal distribution lists so you can see your child as he or she participates in class activities, recess, lunchtime, and fieldtrips. Each day upon clocking out, you will receive an email with a detailed report of your child’s day. We also send out detailed report cards each semester and schedule parent-teacher conferences to keep open communication with each family.
Do you have technology?

COTW has an on-site computer lab to ensure children become familiar with computing and the internet. We integrate Ipads into all of our classes to facilitate learning and  update parents on children’s progress.

Any meal options available?

You can bring lunch from home, or we offer a meal plan including lunch, a morning snack, and an afternoon snack. You can select daily or a monthly plan. 

Can I be a parent volunteer?

Absolutely! We welcome our parents to serve as volunteers during lunchtime. It’s a great opportunity to stay connected.