Weekday Program Classrooms

Part-time or Full-time options available, except for the K-12 level which is 5 days per week. 

Birds (Under 35 months)

Designed for our earliest learners, 18 months up to 35 months old.  We focus on children’s individual development and track their milestones to build motor, language, and cognitive skills.

Seeds (33-39 months)

The Seeds is a transitional classroom between Birds and Sprouts where children can improve their fine motor skills and prepare for a smooth transition to the Sprouts at their own pace.

Sprouts (36-47 months)

Our Sprouts’ program is designed to support your child’s natural curiosity about language, numbers, and the world around them.  We focus on pre-math and literacy skills in context of activities that are interesting and meaningful.

Blossoms (4-5 years old)

Our comprehensive preschool program expands your child’s skill development and lays the foundation for a smooth transition to kindergarten.

Flowers (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten is the gateway to elementary school and lays the groundwork for learning in later grades. Our program is designed to help children thrive in this transition by teaching them how to learn, focus on activities and make connections.

1st-4th Grade (Homeschool Coaching)

Offers flexibility & more control over your child’s studies and prevents the isolation and frustration of homeschooling with no support.  Enjoy personal attention from teachers and student camaraderie.